Actual Plural Songs

by Nothingful

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released November 2, 2012

Sasha is the productionator on all these tracks and I bet you can tell.



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Nothingful San Diego, California

Spangles of opportunity in which to dimension
into the angles of music and rhythms written in the air.
Sings, plays acoustic bass guitar, dobro, sax..
The songs are uncoventional in as so many
ways as he is musically untrained.
To play the bass in the way that Nothingful
makes it would be to so as in a tuning other than standard.
I am inspired by Laziness and randomness.

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Track Name: Plateau VS Plain
I was born on a plain, with 2 right hands
It takes a sage, a philosopher, and an african
to begin to understand

We are cast offs!
Now we're castaways
I have broken both my right-handed arms, now they're in casts
I used to have money and no job,
now I have a job and no money,
and I have begun to understand why the wise men go on fasts

Sure I'm a philosopher, smoke this sage, my african friend
I will die on a plateau, with no left hands
Track Name: Back to Deer
You were a deer with your ear shot off by a hunter and his gun
I am just a tall birch with all its leaves fallin' off
Nobody wants me right now. It's hunting season.
I am powerful and powerless to do much as you run from two legs

And I fell from your pedestal

So hide yourself away, in a cave
Consider yourself lucky
To live another day

You were a wounded bird, with your wing torn off
I am a wolf with your blood on my paw and a bullet in my heart

And I fell from your pedestal

We walk right into place
Don't overstep your bounds
Just run when you hear the hounds
The fight for comraderie
The long and slow and painful road to recovery
The fight for survival

There's no glory in fear
and lumber season's comin' soon
and I'm a tree again
and you are back to deer
You are back to deer
Track Name: Funeral Arrangements
Funeral Arrangements

Just throw a sheet over me
they've already seen everything
But that don't mean one goddamn thing
I won't be comin' back so let the dead ringers ring`

We all got some wisdom from our allegories
so live out the wisdom by dressin' sexy at my ceremony
Yes yes, 'wink at the minister
blow kisses to my grieving brothers'
And smile at all the others

Let the kids bring whatever they want to bring
Let's face it, we're all peasants, there is no king
But that don't mean one goddamned thing
so rejoice, and sing

Dying so many times, maybe dying once would be nice
Dying with some dignity buried in the ground or at least packed with ice
Did you hear about the pigeons who explode when ya feed 'em rice
At my last dance, I want a ball, some lovely gowns, and a feast
A suit and tie --I'm not the least of which I'm not the least of which-- A suit and tie. I'm not the least
And I just want my friends, faces-I-know faces-I-know, faces faces and I just want my friends I don't at all need at all a priest
I want flowers-on-the-men flowers-on-the-men flowers-on-the-men
I want rice on everything! rice on everything! rice on everything! rice on everything!
I want flowers-on-the-men flowers-on-the-men flowers-on-the-men
Flowers and a girl with a ring
Dance on my ashes and we'll see how the dead will sing!
Track Name: Eternal Fade in Retrograde
The sunburnt skin of centuries past can kiss my ass
For me there's no future, For you there's no past
The now is a golden flickering
and the mothlight from the porch swing is sickening
As the light from the sunset is diminishing
and the boys and the girls go on bickering

The moon has a face of crater and stone
One visit can erase the mystery of being alone
A century later had believed to be bone
From a sliver in circles it's grown
From a coin of silver it's thrown
lands face up and the face is sickening
Our golden age is diminishing
The dim light of hope is flickering
and the beat of my pulse is quickening

It's all dust
kiss me if you must
For you I have killed
For you I will kill
For you I am dying
at least we're all trying
It's all, we're all dust
I'm all, it's all dust
kiss me if ya must
and wipe your mouth
watch with me, the birds all fly south
Track Name: Ghostwritten Sequitors
When I go I want to be painted on the walls
They will write a book about it all with no articles.
The stars will all line up around us like vast halos.
A vehicle will plunge into a lake at 4 in the morning
and only the birds spring back, as if in cosmic relation.
The stars'll shine down like nothing happened,
but morse code cuts. Shots. Insults, pierce.
This one goes out to Ambrose Bierce.
When I go I want to be painted on the walls.

I walk this earth like a ghost in chains
I want to be released at the least from all the pain

I feel like I've always walked these halls.
Spin the wheel. Fold the robe. Shut the book.
Light the candle, close the window. Try and sleep.
A shadow moves and will kiss you goodnight. The stars wink.
The lens is dirty. Do not wash it with the warden's rag.
A shadow moves but will only last as a stagnant light.
The way it ends is up to you. Don't give up without a fight.
I feel like I've always walked these halls.

I regret my birth, should've been in the drains
The offspring will feast on the beast of the harvest's rains
Track Name: Prophecies
We were never meant to be together
And all the pen and ink say
Through all weather, skin's aged like leather
We're not one of a feather,
We are not moved so easily,
We're not going anywhere.
We are going to stay.

And you know how prophecies go
they never come true
There's no one else, There is nothing to do
There is just me, Us, you

We can ignore everyone else.

They said it couldn't be, I say Fuck 'em
The odds were against us, I was out of luck and
like the carrot tied to the stick I hung from the tortoise
I travelled to the end of the earth and it seemed pretty flat
I don't have questions or need any answers
so we can just leave it at that

We weren't their writing, scrawled on the wall
One book says it's the end of it all
Others say there's a god to answer our call
But I'm not asking, or looking that way
And I don't give a shit about what they all say
They can count up their numbers, statistics and all
But the sky will not fall, but the sky will not fall.
No the sky will not fall.

You know how prophecies go
these words are a nuisance, there is nothing to discuss
There's no one else, there is nothing to do.
There is just us us us

We will ignore everyone else.
We will ignore everything else.
Colored wax to break my back
So many colors here
Building nothing out of something
Up nights and wasted tears
Coulda kept a garden alive
A life on wheels, it just feels
like I've missed on the kiss

Pet ethiopia
I got today's paper and someone's got philophobia
and the car's got water vapor
and someone's laughing too much
and someone has to go and ruin the party
and someone's feelings are a crutch
and we'll be gone and what remains is our art

Some don't like to think,
we don't like to drink,
There's all this talk of the elephant in the room
well I want some ivory real soon
Portable fruit and a cross to bare
I've got so much better I would like to share
Pick an object at random and an animal
A barrel and a goat, or a bear

Sew me something nice and useful
Can you sew my mouth shut
I don't want to speak any more
I don't want to have to say it
with the air as witness

This is a goodbye
Track Name: Estate Sale Erection
I went back to the place where I had found you
The place had gone to shit.
Time had gagged and bound you
Ceilings were dirty, bruised, and tagged.
Walls like flesh they sagged.
The general consensus was, 'Who's to be trusted now?'
All windows were busted out.

No you weren't there.
A state of disrepair.

A thought of you I thought of you, and got hard.
There were cobwebs inside.
The stairs were all worn and rounded, sloped, a slide.
And there were cobwebs on every corner.
But there were no corners.
No trophy for greatest mourner.

Wallpaper was like skin it peeled.
Wallpaper was like paper-creased.
A dust bunny was a beast.
My pulse quickened and my heart-rate increased.
and I ran outside in a barren field.
This old place is only broken things and memories
Mine of you: I remember you moist.
But I remember you moist.
But now you're all cold and dry.
I remember you moist

Cobwebs, dirt, and dust on every corner.
But there was no corner!
"No apparent cause of death," said the coroner.

A state of disrepair.
No you weren't there.
Track Name: Sloganeering
I will sew your mouth shut If you keep it up
You think that I am joking but you have no sense of humor
you're a tumor on this planet
if you keep at it you'll make me mad
a sign with some words on it think you made difference
when that's all you had

There's the dove, or the fist, Do you want to be frisked? Did you get all this?
And I am no dentist, but I will remove your teeth one by one with pliers
It's true I'm a bad man. I got a history, look it up, I have priors
At the shop, got caught, retreading tires
An arsenist, an anarchist who sets fires
A suicide on the market upsets buyers
A prize is given to the all and best liars
Long ago, sold your soul, just another gun for hire
They lose their numbers and'll force you to retire
and when you die we'll staple your coffin with flyers

There's the gunmen, and the list, and all those who they've missed
The ever-elusive terrorist. And who doesn't want to get kissed?
I will sew your mouth shut if you keep it up and I'm no seamstress
This one goes out to the working class, this one to the teamsters,
this for the humanitarians, these for the teachers and librarians

You put print on every face
You write things that can't be erased
I curse the world for all that made you plural
You leave words in the sky and at my funeral
Then you have the gall to ask for a referral
You smooth over the good with the fat of the land
The refuse has stood where the rat will stand
Because you usher in the end of us

I will take your head off for all that you've set off.
Track Name: The Ocean Did Want Me (but changed its mind)
Thought, Think, Thunk
The top of the ship has sunk
below the surface

When you think of me
does a light bulb appear by your head?
and does it blind you?
The missing link is you
an empty space above the bed
when I am standing right behind you.
Slowly we all sink
Despite what they all said
They said that I wined and dined you

with the weight of the world upon us
is where we were wed
beside the coast

They cut off my arms
and burned all my bread
but they cannot stop me from trying to find you
and keep you from harm
Buried at sea, stepping over the dead
With the brine of the ocean they signed us

with the weight of the world upon us
is where we were wed
all and all to drink
but nothing to keep us fed
and gravity's pull pulls all us
it puts all people and past below
It is, She is, I know

When you think of me
does the sky get all its holes fixed?
and her yeah, her, she's a tall drink of water
no buried chest but I got her

Our bodies dispensed on the shore all wrapped in
ceremonial ribbon, and feathers
a burial of women, our betters
O I'll stay with the ship thankyou, and go down with the captain
Track Name: Fisherman's Position
The water isn't too deep
The boat it moves like a cloud
and how can I sleep standing up?

So I hear you crawled out, and became me
But as we stand, we're separate and free
We've got some years between us,
distant relatives water and air
But I guess it all, started there

A change of wind.
Waves come.
And some will die.

But all is calm and all is still.
And there's no weight at the end of this!
And how can I live, lying down?

And I see a scale in the sun
I make no move, and it moves plenty.
I make no move and it escapes the sun.
As if in shadow, but it's in the water.
and how can I sleep standing up?
And I have come here and I have found
How can I live lying down?
I hear I hear I hear I hear:
'They say you're good for my health'
so in a way, I'm saving myself
Track Name: answering machine.
I've waited for it all like an unanswered telephone call
I'm waiting for you now if you'll only let me know how

I think of happiness and what it brings
I think of shiny things, a lovely bird that sings
Of diamond rings,
Slayed kings,
Bee stings
and the Telephone it rings and rings and rings.
Track Name: Humpty
Like a three-dimensional puzzle suspended in mid air
Like a shimmering reflection on the surface of a puddle
disturbed by a cast rock
You're all horizontal in the middle, defended and protected even though you're bare
A faded hovering projection. We're all earthless here and bitter
derailed by a slow clock


We are weathered in the same storm, conceived and born in mid air
Your face is all crooked, lines are a history
it's a long walk off a short dock
We are measured from our old form, the concept, we're worn. My face is lost in your hair
The chance was there and I took it.. Are they to be kissed or freed?
an unbreakable lock
I got struck on the head, it was a hard knock


All the king's horsemen, and all the king's men could not.
Track Name: A Million and One in a City of None
We never made it through the storm
But your heart would always pump warm
Holding you now feels like a death
But I'd die a thousand more to taste your breath

It poured down on us
The streets whored the clown in us
A chord crushed the crown minus
The door shut and drowned us

If we grew gills then what'd we be?
and we'd be ever so much closer to the sea
Holding you now feels like forever
If I was quick on my feet I'd say something clever
The city was too young to go
but this you know
and they got prayers when this chord will keep you goin'
She bared her teeth with all the cards showin'

The spirit will fill you with insect hearts
I will rebuild you from spare parts
We were just two in a city of millions
We were a million and one
We were one.

It poured down on us
The clouds tore the ground beneath us
The town bore the sound in us
and the sound gave us all tinnitus
Track Name: Tendonitis
Before the bad words, we were a scrapbook
The picture of perfection
We painted our portrait with pleasure
with one brush, our hands tied at the tendon
Breathe in breath out, the tide of perfection
there's no rush, all good things end in sorrow
but there's always tomorrow

A mixture of paints for your complexion
Chalk it up to natural selection

Now I'm here at the ocean, wishing waves could move,
everything's a still life and nothing's forgiving
Beneath there's no motion, fishing can save , or prove
that there's still a life worth living

We ain't tied together!
but we're painted forever

I've always been an unfortunate
But at least I have our portrait
There's always tomorrow
Track Name: H.i.a.n.O.H.
Where you walk, I will follow
No path too narrow
Inside I'm hollow
But now I'm stuck with your arrow
I will follow wherever you go
in mind and thought
with what I got
Live your life
and I'll give mine a shot

I was stunted where I stood
I could not find myself to speak…
(I hang my head) --- (I can count my toes from here)
I could not use the language, to my advantage
I could not speak properly
I got me the copper freeze
Confessional inside a song
Colors got me grounded wrong
Reds, blues, greens, rouge
Artificial chemical
Factory not mental
Ancient clothing oriental
Speak slowly and mostly gentle
Show your teeth was dollar dental
Don't mind the car it's just a rental

I was struck dumb
I was deaf to reason
I was blind to all else

When you walk, I will follow
Like knowledge of the pharoahs
Inside I'm hollow
Those passages narrow
Of you I ask if I can borrow
Of heart and soul
There to fill the hole
Love life
Circle rope, a modest goal

I was struck dumb
I was deaf to reason
I was blind to all else and everyone after you
Cut off my limbs
I've no use for them
End this lifetime of boredom
Not pleased but can afford 'em
A few'll die and let god sort 'em
Not much to record on
Apologies should be bestowed upon
I should be struck dumb.

Is the bond strong enough to hold two
Or at the very least, to hold me?
Without you
Track Name: My Lung is full of Air and now I can Fly as a Balloon
pray for the hexes
pray for your past lives
pray for the sexes
pray for your last wives

my lung is full of air and now i can fly as a balloon

pray for the hexes
play to the hexes
Track Name: The History of man and Frog
He ran into the place that he feared
just to catch a glimpse of the girl that he cared for
and that's how all history was born
The place that he feared was a warm and wet mirror
A snake eating its own tail, getting lost on spiral of snail
isn't this what all desire is born for?
This is how history is written, or
or I don't know what I speak of
surely not love
and it doesn't come from above.

I flunked out of history
flunked out of math
at an early age I learned how to laugh
Scoffed at sacrifices, and the calf
and the horizon cut itself in half.
I failed at the languages
was not good at the sciences
I could not dissect the frog
or cut open a man and see why he talked
I have no apologies for who I am
Go ahead and dissect me as I stand
Some discovery from some scientists from someplace like France
Molecules and movement of dna strands
Avoiding the urge for the glance

He ran into the world that he feared
for a glimpse of a girl.
Track Name: El Dorado
Gaily bedight
a gallant knight
in sunshine and in shadow
Had journeyed long
singing a song
in search of El Dorado

But he grew old
this knight so bold
and o'er his heart a shadow
Fell as he found
no spot of ground
that looked like El Dorado

And as his strength
failed him at length
he met a pilgrim shadow
"Shadow" said he,
"where can it be?
This land of El Dorado"

"O'er the mountains
of the moon
Down the valley of the shadow
Ride boldly ride,"
the shade replied,
"If you seek for El Dorado"
Track Name: Worthless
It's the fifth time I vacuumed up your ghost
Of all the pre-dead loved ones, I loved you the most
All these ashes-- they didn't mean a thing at all
I battered up your golden urn, and just let 'em fall

You were cast in flames
and of course you returned
you became again

No worth

It's the sixth time I swept up your worth
May be the last time, but sure wasn't the first
Of all the living loved ones, I loved you
And when painting my self-portrait, I done two
And as my health grew unfortunate, I drew clues, a few grew, I blew through, I loved you
Who knew

You were cast in flames and
of course you became again
You were cast in stone
and I was left alone

No Worth
Pray to the metal rabbit god
That your child has got
the necessary talents and willful intelligence to survive
Feed it 3 times a day
Teach it to speak, protect it and keep predators away
and keep it alive

Make an offering, make a sacrifice to the metal god that is a rabbit
Get it hard, and put it in, it feels so good becomes a habbit
Baby, you're foaming at the mouth, you are rabid
C'mon and give me a break
Everything is new
Everything is love
and everything comes at you from above
and you grasp at things out of your reach, none to take

You came out, it is quite amazing
what a surprise, this thing they're raising
It's a bit late to pull out now

Confess your sins at the altar of the rabbit god made of metal
and read to it little story books, Dr. Seuss, Hansel and Grettyl
And after some time, kick out the brown guy, so you can all settle
The child it came out of them,
It's too early to tell, but You could be the next god
Or you could be just some random broad.
Track Name: 54
I could have sworn the other

52 card pickup
Best game I ever played
Best game for me to play
It's Action-packed!
I play on my own
and I play by myself

Lost the Job
Lost the Wife
Lost the Kids, the House,
my life
I lost everything
because I'm a gamblin' man

Solitaire ain't for me
it ain't for me

52 card pickup
Best game for me to play
and I got
my Poker face

Should I include the jokers?
Should I add the jokers?

They come in RED and BLUE
They come in RED and BLUE
and RED
and BLUE
and white.
Track Name: Media Rings
The police report didn't prove a thing.
Their little visit stirred nothing
Now she's all and only nothing.
And they left to little or no fanfare
with their bottled, evident, air
not an eyelash, a fingerprint, a hair
not a ghost there

I cut her in half and counted the rings
put a bird in a cage and see if it sings
Put a song on a page see what it brings
And will there be no "In a future age"?
'Cause there's no time for love when we've got wars to wage
Too many words from her, from her it stings
No answers from above. There's too much dust on the stage.
Put a bird in the sky but clips it wings

To little or no fanfare
Too little and no fanfare

I admit nothing.
I'm guilty.
But aren't we all.
It's their call.

Turn it off.
Track Name: A Song to Prove Itself in Court (bass overdub)
You thought that I'd been down here all along,
but if this was for the books, then you'd be dead wrong

O but this is just a small song.

Appearance of appeals
The weight of evidence
Ex post facto
Habeas Corpus
Probata Mandata !

This is not proof of anything else, but what it is is itself.
..but what it is of itself
or anything it can prove.

We go on as before
We carry on without the knowledge of what is right and wrong.
Dear, you were wrong.
Once again: This will not hold up in court.
Legislatures in fourths
Doll, we're in half
Them lawyers, they got funny math
Track Name: This Is How We Didn't Die in a Coward's Car
I watched as my skin turned to leather as another decade passed
I fought like tooth and nail, in trying to get my ass stamped
And as I pile these discarded skins neatly together
I light them in the dark damp of this place as a makeshift lamp
The air is acrid and cramped and the milk is sour
and I can no longer see, can someone please inform me of the hour

And I see the faces of those I loved in the shadows here
Melt in color, and wreak in symphony as they disappear, and learn their scars.
I remember them using their lips and teeth, uttering noises as they learnt to speak,
And how they later forgot to talk.

The air is putrid and peppered with sulfurous flower
and I cannot bear to smell it because I am a coward.

And I see the faces of those I loved in the shadows here
Felt in valor, and leak in sympathy as they reappear, and burn their scars.
I remember them using their hips beneath, stuttering noises as they fucked to speak,
And how they later refused to talk.
And I see the faces of those I loved in the shadows there
Dance with fire, and stream a synergy in thick air, and leave their mark.
I remember them building back their broken legs and teeth as they forgot their names.
This is how we didn't die in a parked car

A hammer and a nail
A hole in a sail
A dying fire and loss of blood
Fate cut off our tail
Pack your wounds with mud
This rising water must be the flood
Track Name: Winter Warm
How many times do you get dressed up with all yer clothing?
I don't know about you but I find comfort boring

Does the skin cover the wooden furniture and keep you warm?
Does the wood keep you and the fire warm?
Does the skin cover the wooden furniture and keep you warm?
Is the sun shining through the blinds enough to keep you warm?
Did you stoke the fire enough for the coming storm?
'cause its the winter of our lives you better bring a coat
at least that's what a bearded, wisened man once wrote

You, my, our bodies generate heat
Remember that time when we will meet

I'll save some oxygen
(Movement creates)
Fears from what we hate
(We hate fear!)
Put fear in a box and then throw it up at the sun
in the oxygen
And it will crash down to the earth
Well all that fire it burns our worth
and have you ever seen a cold birth?
Have you ever seen a cold birth?
We all come from the earth.
So c'mon, show me what you're worth.

I got me some
I got me some skin
Track Name: Wax & Fable

I have no regrets
at least that's what I said
Don't fly too high, you'll get burnt
I don't know nothin', that's all the school I learnt

Where were you in the hall afterschool?
You sure played me for the fool
You forgot all about our golden rule
The world's a place, sad and beautiful
You forgot about our own golden rule
Enough about rectangles. I want your spheres.
and those were our childhood years

But we learned something:
I ham a good egg
We are a good egg

and now I continue to say..
I have no regrets
and I'll say that that's what I said
Don't fly, too high, you'll get burnt
That's not what I said to you, my words, those weren't
Her face all lines, age on hers, I preferred yours
We got our tests back, red ink and solid fours
and just then you tore your test up and
sprang up and, headed for the door
I never took the notes,
but I got you down in my college rule
God we hated school

It's a sad and beautiful world
and you weren't the girl
Track Name: FAIRY TALE
A frog has lost its wings, you bitch
And the prince has inherited a twitch

Kiss me, and see what happens
No don't! I think that it's a trap and

And what do you turn into when you get fucked
--And who did you turn to when the swamp sucked
It's all superficialities
It's not truth, it's just reality

and now we turn the page…
A frog has lost its wings
And the prince no longer sings
Track Name: Raft
Our boat it had no anchor
but our sky it had a sun.
My life now had time to thank her
but this guy never wanted to run
My joy it turned to anger
when the flare died from the gun

But we pressed on 'til we could see the coast
We pressed on until we stopped.

We drank our piss like it was wine
As our days turned dark
A hit and a miss…
Well I've concluded that it is indeed our time
As your face peeled like old bark
My sadness turned to despair
And yet I ran my hand through your hair
With our boat we had but one chance
The clouds converged and partnered with the wind they invented a dance

You don't move one inch
I won't either flinch
We pressed on until we could see the coast.
We went back to the place where we came from
We went back to the place in our minds
Track Name: Renewing Your Vows
The love we have knows no bounds
The love I've found is safe and sound

A dogged corpse aswarm with flies
A painted hound
A dove is bound
On sainted ground
Above, unwound

The love I've found is safe and sound
Track Name: I Am Your Liberty
How many seas
can I drown through

Fog in the
fucking canoe

Talk me off
Those tax returns
Talk me off!
Sweet tax returns
It's grandma's birthday

Fog the fucking canoe
and save me from fucking drownin'
'cause I want you fucking around and
Fog the fucking canoe
save me so I don't drown
3 months up, and 3 more down

Heard you laugh on electrical wire
But it's almost time now to retire
I've got nothing to do but thank you
now slip off and have a wank too
but Soon you will have your shore leave
and you will free me in liberty.
Soon enough I will be your shore leave
You will land on me in a shortly.